Ways to Avoid Being “Squeezed” as an Elderly Caregiver

The term, sandwich generation, was created to refer to a generation of individuals who were taking care of their parents while also having their own children. As the baby boomer generation ages, younger individuals are moving into a similar situation and in many cases are doing so at a younger age than their parents did. While this can be a complex process, adequate planning can help.


A recent AARP study found that approximately one in four family caregivers is a millennial, which refers to individuals born between 1980 and 1996. One reason why younger caregivers are becoming more common is that many baby boomers decided to wait until later in life to have children. Another reason for the increase in millennial caregivers is that divorces are more common and millennials are often acting in the caregiver role that a spouse would have filled. 


Caregiving for an elderly loved one is not an easy process. For one, providing care to an elderly loved one is a time-consuming process. Young caregivers also have less secure jobs and are hesitant to discuss caregiving obligations with the previous generation. Even in the best situation, acting as a caregiver while juggling employment and other obligations can be overwhelming. Through adequate planning, you can fortunately avoid some of the stress associated with caring for your loved one. As a result, this article reviews some important support systems that you should make sure to have in place if you are caring for an elderly loved one. 


# 1 – Long Term Care Insurance


This insurance can be purchased before your loved one needs care. Sometimes, if purchased enough, a policy will provide breaks for family members in the form of distributions for caregiving services.


# 2 – Aging Life Care Managers


Aging life care managers can help you assess what care is needed as well as connect you and your family members with community resources.


# 3 – Personal Strategies


Behind every successful elder caregiver is an excellent support strategy. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should make sure to include the following as part of your plan:


  • Establish a routine that addresses when you will perform certain parts of your caregiver duty. These routines will not just help you but also help elderly loved ones to feel more secure because they have a better idea about what to expect. 
  • Caregiving adds a lot of additional obligations to your life. Rather than trust that you will be able to remember every nuance of your elderly loved one’s life including caregiver appointments, when payments are true, and what prescriptions are needed, it is a better idea to utilize a calendar or planner. 


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