Two More NY Nursing Homes Fined for Poor Care

Late last month we shared information on New York’s performance in a national Nursing Home Report Card. A non-profit organization compiled the list using a mountain of government data related to staffing ratios, inspection results, and more. Sadly, New York did not come out of the examination looking that great. In fact, the overall state nursing home care was given a grade of F and listed as one of the worst places for long-term care in the country.

Importantly, this condemnation of the state’s general care does not mean that every facility in New York is substandard. There are many very high quality facilities that work diligently to meet the needs of all New York seniors who need assistance on a daily basis.

However, the report is a reminder that there are vast differences in quality between homes. Simply picking any facility will not due. Those who want to guarantee quality support for elder loved ones need to take time to investigate options and make educated choices. Finances often play a role in available options, and so families are encouraged to explore long-term care insurance and similar strategies to ensure resources will be available for this care down the road.

New York Nursing Home Citations
To get an idea of the type of care that landed New York on the bottom of the pile in the nursing home rankings, you need to only open the newspaper. Just last week the Post-Standard reported on citations doled out to two New York nursing homes by federal investigators for substandard care. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the fined following inspections at the home which revealed problems that placed resident lives in jeopardy.

One facility, in Oswego, was hit with over $20,000 in fines by CMS. One of the citations chastised the home for providing inadequate supervision to residents. At one point, a resident was left alone, began smoking, and started a fire. Other problems at the same home include failure to prevent resident falls and failure to investigate suspicions of abuse and neglect by staff members.

State and federal law requires that all nursing home meets general standards of care to keep residents safe. Yet, far too many facilities do not come anywhere close to meeting those legal requirements. Seniors living in these substandard homes are at risk of serious injury, and they are rarely able to thrive in their golden years.

For help putting plans into place to ensure that you or a loved one receives adequate senior care, please contact our elder law attorneys today.

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