Tips for Saving on Prescription Drugs

The cost of prescription drugs is one of the biggest issues for seniors in America today. Not only are the prices of these necessary medications skyrocketing, but many insurers try to get out of paying for most or all of the cost. One of the most common excuses given by insurance companies is that the drug is not being used for its prescribed purpose, even if it is treating some other condition. However, for seniors that are stuck paying for expensive prescription drugs on their own, there are some tips that can help lower the cost of your necessary medications.

Buy generic brands

Whenever possible, try to purchase the generic brand of your prescription drugs. Even if your doctor is prescribing the brand name, ask if a generic is available. The generic brands of drugs work just as well as the name brand types, but they cost a mere fraction of the price. In addition, the co-pays on generic medications are typically smaller than for the brand name drugs.

Ask for free samples

Most of your doctors will have samples of the brand name drugs that they prescribe in their office. These samples come from the pharmaceutical companies, and while they may not cover your entire need it can help reduce the amount that you pay for.

Buy larger doses in tablet form

One way to save money on prescription drugs is to ask for a larger dosage in tablet form. If the drug does come in this way, you can pay less for a reduced number of high dosage pills. Then, you can cut the pills into the size that reflects your accurate dosage for each medication. Most drug stores sell inexpensive pill cutters for this very purpose. However, you should check with your doctor beforehand that your particular drugs can be cut.


You can go onto Google or another search engine and type in the name of your drug with “coupon” to see if discounts are available. Discounts can be as high as seventy percent on websites like

Compare prices

Big box stores compete to fill your prescriptions, so you can save money by shopping around for the best price. This is particularly useful if you need an over-the-counter or nonprescription medication.

Consider mail-order pharmacies

The prices from mail-order pharmacies are typically cheaper than filling them the normal way. However, you should thoroughly check out reputation of the company before getting any prescriptions filled. Canadian mail-order pharmacies have been usually very good about filling prescriptions, but mail-order companies from other countries have had issues with sending what is needed.

Call customer service at the pharmaceutical company

Many pharmaceutical companies will send out free samples or offer discounts if you call their customer service. This applies especially for low-income or fixed income individuals who might not have the money to pay for the full cost. Some customer service departments will even appeal to an insurance company on your behalf to cover the cost of the drug.

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