Red Tape in Medicaid Applications

Medicaid is one of the most utilized government programs for elderly American citizens that are in need of medical assistance that they cannot afford. In order to qualify for the Medicaid program, an applicant must meet a number of criteria and an application can either be filled out online or in paper form. However, many applicants to the Medicaid program have run into issues of red tape and other problems when attempting to apply for benefits.

Online Medicaid Application

The online application for Medicaid can be found on the federal Medicaid program website. For seniors that are tech savvy, the online application can be filled out in about 45 minutes. The website contains all kinds of information like eligibility, benefits, and required documentation needed to be considered for the program. After an online application is submitted, there may be follow-up phone calls by the program to make sure that everything regarding their application is in order, but usually an accepted applicant can receive their benefits card within 45 days of submitting the online application.

Difficulties with Applying

One of the biggest issues regarding the online application for Medicaid is that many seniors are not comfortable enough with computers and technology to fill out the application online. This means that either errors are submitted on the online application, or elderly applicants face problems submitting a paper application to the program. One common complaint is that “a computer can’t answer your questions, but a knowledgeable caseworker can.” That is why some previous applicants to the Medicaid program encourage others to go in person to the Medicaid office to fill out their applications for coverage.

By filling out a Medicaid application in person at a local Medicaid office, the application can be completed with the help of a dedicated caseworker, the errors submitted are marginalized, and the delays on the application are greatly reduced. Unfortunately, some applicants have noted long wait times when many people go to the Medicaid office at the same time. It is important to plan accordingly if you wish to fill out an application in this manner. On average, a person waits about two hours before they are helped in person at a Medicaid office.

How to Get Help

There are many resources available to help Medicaid applicants with their issues on the application. Questions regarding the program can be answered at any local Medicaid office or Social Security office. You can also call in and ask a question about the application process, but typically callers are placed on hold before they can speak to someone about their problems.

Finally, you can get information regarding the Medicaid application process from a local hospital and hospital social worker. These employees will be able to offer access to the Medicaid application as well as answer any questions that an applicant may have about the process. Some hospitals outsource this job to specialized companies, and if your hospital does this then they can give you the information necessary to contact a specialist there.

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