Improvements you Can Make to your Home to Keep it Safe in your Old Age

Most of us would not want to be anywhere else but in our homes as we grow old and enjoy our Golden Years. However, as we age the daily activities and chores we took for granted can become greater burdens or turn into situations where we may suffer serious injury in our own home. Fortunately, it does not have to be like this and there are a number of different modifications that can be made to improve the safety and comfort of the places we live.


While most of the homes in the country were not designed with the foresight of being accommodating to the physical and cognitive challenges many seniors live with and overcome every single day. Stairs, hallways, and other physical barriers can present unique challenges to older Americans but with a few universal modifications seniors can live safely and comfortably in their homes.


One revolutionary thing seniors can take advantage of right away is incorporating smart home products to help control things like the thermostat, turnings lights and televisions on and off, and locking windows and doors. Another great advantage of adopting smart technology throughout the home is being able to monitor what is going on and report to caretakers or relatives any issues with the house.


Perhaps the most important modifications seniors can make to their homes are those to help prevent falls in the residence, which account for six out of every 10 which take place across the country. Because stairs are such a common place for a fall to occur, residents should make sure hand rails are installed on both sides of the stairway, making sure they extend beyond the top and bottom of stairs. This goes for stairs on the front and back of a house.


Accessible bathrooms and kitchens should also be a major consideration. Residents can consider replacing their tubs with walk in showers with sturdy grab bars to both the entrance and inside the shower. Taller toilets can also add stability and support. In the kitchen, moving microwaves to counter level and installing rolling shelves can help seniors maintain greater independence.


Finally, it is most important to consider where to age as some houses may not be practical, no matter how many modifications are made. Instead of renovating a home, it may be more practical to move into another residence altogether.

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