Is your Home Prepared for your Golden Years?

As we all know, aging presents a new and unique set of challenges each of us will face as we grow older. Despite that, most of us expect to remain in our homes and continue living with the independence we enjoyed for our adult lives. While it is certainly possible to maintain a high level of independence in our older years at home, there certain considerations we should always take into account to ensure we live in a safe and healthy environment.


First, before considering anything about your home, you should have your estate in order. No matter how young you may be, we all need a last will and testament and instructions in case of an unforeseen event. Once you have taken care of your estate, either through a will or a trust, you are ready to start thinking about ways to ensure your home is accommodating to your changing lifestyle.


If you are one of the many people with mobility issues, you will want to consider installing aids around your home to make getting around the house easier. Even once simple tasks like showering and going up and down stairs can become a challenge in old age. Some home mobility modifications you will want to think about are grab bars, bath chairs, and life chairs.


Next, you will want to honestly evaluate the things you can and cannot due around the house. This may include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and other household activities. If you cannot perform some or any of these tasks, a home health aid might be a good idea. Even just a little help around the house can go a long way towards maintaining comfort.


Furthermore, depending on the size and layout of the property you live in, you may need help with the general upkeep on the dwelling. Landscaping, cutting the grass, fixing minor repairs, and general upkeep may seem like minor tasks but ensuring these things are accomplished helps ensure a safe and hygienic place to live.


Finally, other things you may need to consider about living independently include picking up prescriptions, getting to and from medical care, and having a medical advocate to help make important decisions in these areas. By thinking ahead, and planning for the future now, you can put yourself in the best position to live a healthy, comfortable, and independent lifestyle that you have no doubt grown accustomed to.

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