4 Ways to Care for a Loved One in a Nursing Home

There are more than 40 million family members in the United States who act as caregivers for loved ones. There are also many ways to provide the requisite care for your aging loved one. 


If you recently placed a loved one in a nursing home, you’re likely still getting comfortable with the idea that your loved one will reside in a nursing home. You likely also want to make sure that your loved one receives the best care possible while there. 


As a result, this article reviews some helpful strategies that you can follow to make sure your loved one in a nursing home receives the appropriate care. 


# 1 – Make Sure Facilities Have Your Most Recent Emergency Contact Information


One of the first steps that you should make to follow to make sure your loved one receives the best care possible is to ensure that the nursing home facility has your most recent emergency contact details. 


This way, the facility can make sure you receive adequate details about the care your loved one is receiving. Make sure to read all of the details that the agency sends.


# 2 – Communicate Verbally with Your Loved One


An easy and helpful step that you can take to make sure that your loved one receives sufficient care is to routinely use your phone or another communication device. Consider how you can engage in mutual activities with your loved one. 


For people who feel more comfortable navigating technology, it might be a good idea to consider video calls with your loved one through platforms like FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom. Some facilities can even facilitate video calls. 


# 3 – Voice Concerns to Staff and Listen Too


Having nursing home staff manage your loved one’s care might reduce the responsibilities that you have been handling. Interacting with nursing home staff, though, might not always be a smooth ride. Rather than letting situations with nursing staff grow confrontational, it’s almost always a better idea to stay calm and slowly introduce your concerns with staff. 


If you continue to remain dissatisfied with nursing home staff or have concerns with the care your loved one is receiving, it is important to remember that you have several options. One, you can schedule a meeting with key staff to discuss your loved one’s care. Two, you can file a complaint directly through the facility. Other options like hiring a care manager or ombudsman also exist.


# 4 – Maintain a Healthy Balance with Visitations


After a loved one has moved into a nursing home, it’s natural to want to visit them as much as possible. Visiting too often, however, can increase the stress that your loved one feels, particularly if visitation hours conflict with other responsibilities. 


Conversely, visiting not enough can increase feelings of guilt and relationship strain with your loved one. As a result, it is critical to realize that there is a balance that must be reached in how often you visit your loved one at a nursing home. 


Speak with an Experienced Elder Law Attorney


Nursing homes can provide excellent care for your loved one but unfortunately is sometimes known to occur. If your loved one has been abused while in a nursing home, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced elder law attorney. Contact Ettinger Law Firm today to schedule a free case evaluation. 

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