3 Facts about Navigating Elder Abuse during  the Covid-19 Pandemic 

The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted many aspects of our lives. One of the most overlooked aspects of how the pandemic has altered our lives is the pandemic has led to increased reports of elder abuse and mistreatment. Despite the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ guidelines to provide appropriate care, various reports exist of clients dying in long-term facilities without access to family members. The National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life organization also reports that elder abuses are utilizing the threat of the pandemic to provide misinformation to people. To better prepare elderly individuals and loved ones for navigating the current climate, this article reviews some critical details about elder abuse during the covid-19 pandemic.


# 1 – The Pandemic Has Led to an Increase in the Risk for Elder Abuse


The pandemic has led to an increase in the rate at which elder abuse is occurring for several reasons. On its simplest terms, the pandemic has resulted in elderly individuals being further isolated than ever before. Elderly individuals also have reduced access to healthcare as well as other essential services due to the pandemic. Consequently, abusers are more likely to get away with abusing elderly individuals. The pandemic has also reduced access to respite services for caregivers and increased that make individuals likely to be abusive. Consequently, the atmosphere is riper than ever for elderly abuse.


Even when abuse is not present, elderly individuals are at increased risk of receiving inadequate care because care staff is increasingly concerned with their own health and safety. Staff shortages are also a common occurrence due to the increased stressors with which many people must now deal.


# 2 – Understand What You Can Do to Decrease the Risk of Elder Abuse


One of the best things that loved ones can do to prevent the mistreatment of elderly individuals is to increase their connectedness as well as interactions with both older adults as well as their caregivers. Due to the pandemic, it’s more difficult than ever to be physically close to elderly loved ones. Video conferencing, phone calls, and other communication devices, however, make it easier than ever to connect with our loved ones. Not only should you maintain regular communication with your loved ones, but you should also make sure to communicate with the people who are providing care for your loved one.


# 3 – Remain Observant


Elder abuse can manifest in various ways. Abuse can involve emotional, financial, psychological, physical, or sexual elements. Various signs can signify elderly abuse, which is why it’s critical to remain observant. For example, physical abuse can result in things like bruises and weight loss. Financial abuse can result in the inability to pay for medication or the draining of retirement savings.


Speak with a Compassionate Elder Abuse Attorney


Elder abuse is a traumatic experience. If your elderly loved one has been abused or harmed by someone, however, it is important that you have rights. Do not hesitate to speak with an elder abuse attorney at Ettinger Law Firm. During a free case evaluation, a knowledgeable lawyer can discuss your available options.

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